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Cookies Policy - Managing/Controlling Cookies 

Cookies are files that contain small amounts of data, which are used as anonymous unique identifiers. Cookies are sent to your browser from the sites you visit and are installed in your device's internal memory.

Each web browser uses separate categories of cookies, which contain anonymous information about the websites you visit and the devices you use at the time.
Cookies are used to help you navigate websites, store your preferences, and improve the services provided to you.

In our website we use the following categories of cookies:
1) necessary cookies
2) performance cookies to get information about traffic and how users navigate
3) web analytics

Managing/Controlling Cookies

Using your browser, you can control and adjust the way cookies are installed on your device, as well as delete them. You may not allow cookies to be installed through setting in your browser.

Contact Form

This page allows you to send us a message and receive information about our products and services. We encourage you not to send us messages containing sensitive information about you or any third party. In case you send us a message of this nature, we tell you that we will delete it immediately and will not process or respond further.

Right to modify privacy policy

This policy may be modified at any time without notice. Committed to the principle of transparency, we are bound to and will keep you informed of any significant changes to this policy so that you will always be aware of how processing is carried out in order to control your personal data at all times.

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