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Face Scrub

Dermamelan Peel

The Dermamelan peel is the result of years of research by a Spanish research laboratory into skin pigmentation disorders. Hence it is now established as the gold standard when treating pigmentary disorders such as melasma.


This treatment is a skin peel that utilises key organic acids in removing and suppressing melanin which are the cells that cause pigmentation. It is a combination of in-clinic treatment and a complete home-care protocol. The home-care kit consists of specialised creams that you will need to apply in the morning and at night.


Dermamelan is suitable for all skin types from Caucasians to darker skin tones. Whilst the treatment is designed for those with particularly bad pigmentation; it can also be used by those with minor pigmentation or sun damage but looking for a quick fix.


Cholasma /Melasma – which is brown or dark brown patches on the skin that usually occur with hormonal changes. For example after pregnancy or when going on the contraceptive pill.
Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation – such as after acne or after other treatments that may have caused pigmentation.
Sun Damage – when you suffer from uneven skin tone caused by prolonged- exposure to the sun.


Please make sure you do not accidentally wipe off the mask from your skin when you leave the clinic or smear it with your scarf or jacket.

Please go home immediately after the treatment and stay in a cool room away from wind and sun.

Leave the mask on your skin for the time duration specified by the doctor during the treatment. 

When the time comes, wash the skin very well with lukewarm water, DO NOT scrub with anything harsh, just use your fingertips. After that use, the sensitive skin cleanser provided and clean it thoroughly and gently. Tap dry with a very soft cloth.

Next day after the peel your skin will feel hot like a sunburn, tight, and slightly swollen.

For the first week after the peel:

use the healing cream provided three to five times per day or as needed
use the Eucerin Aquaphor ointment before bedtime or as needed
avoid hot baths or very hot showers, jacuzzi, sauna, steam
avoid picking or manually peeling off your skin
STAY AWAY FROM THE SUN even indirect one
use the sunscreen provided even indoors during the daytime
avoid putting makeup while your skin is actively peeling
DO NOT use any harsh soaps, scrubs, or anything else other than what has been provided to you.

Your skin will usually start peeling off in 48 hours and will keep peeling for 5-7 days.

When the skin stops peeling start using the Dermamelan home treatment cream provided by applying a pea-sized amount and rubbing it all over your skin till it gets absorbed at bedtime only. Keep using the healing cream and moisturizer and plenty of sunscreens during the day.

Please make sure you schedule your complimentary follow up 6 weeks after the peel.
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