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What is BHT?

Body Hair Transplant (BHT) is usually considered where a patient’s hair on their scalp is not considered dense enough to extract donor hair. BHT uses the same technique as FUE.


However, donor hair is not taken from the head.  Instead, follicular units are extracted directly from different areas of the body such as the torso, arms or legs and transplanted to the scalp.

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How does it work?

Individual FU's are removed directly from donor area without slits and sutures, the surgeon extracts each graft separately with a specialized punch 0.75-1.0 mm in diameter that does not leave scars as the strip method can.


These individual follicles are then implanted in the areas that are affected. Typically men suffering from male pattern baldness this will be the classic horseshoe area.


During the process, individual follicles – typically between 1 and 4 hairs – are removed under local anaesthesia. The extraction procedure utilises a micro surgical extraction instrument, between 0.6mm and 1.0mm in diameter, to remove the follicles.


The surgeon, using specialist micro surgical needles, then punctures the scalp area that is to receive the grafts. Our surgeon is an expert at blending the hair that matches the original hair, so it will look natural and realistic.

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